3 Easy Editing Apps for Beginners

3 Easy Editing Apps for Beginners

Whether you need to get a head start on editing, have never edited before, or just need an application that provides more support to create social media marketing posts, these few editing apps can grow your brand.

I often struggle with editing as navigating technology doesn’t usually come easily to me. I would consider myself as an amateur multi-media artist who definitely prefers pencil and paper. I find that I have more control, I can smudge colours and lead in any which way I want- but having to make a physical piece of art to transfer in a digital post can be extremely time-consuming and limiting. Considering that I want to delve into the marketing world, I doubt that I would get far with my physical art. The fact of the matter is, we have to learn these simple skills of editing and various techniques to enhance our digital marketing in order to brand our company or ourselves to the greatest extent.

I empathize with anyone struggling just as I did… so here are some basic apps you can download onto your phone to make some quick and sophisticated edits or posts!


Superimpose+ if you need a quick way to scan an image and automatically crop out the negative space. Although it can get finicky at times, superimpose provides the option of either auto-cropping backgrounds with the applications best guess, or you can use a drawing tool to carefully outline and select which images to erase and keep. Although it isn’t always accurate, it has definitely supported me to create edits in a matter of minutes.

The app is free, although it does have a premium option.. I don’t think it’s necessary to purchase if you are just wanting to remove backgrounds.

In the first image I selected the picture I wanted to use of a pretty kitty, but I want the background gone so I just select “remove background.”

Then the app starts scanning the image with a blue ray. Luckily the contrast between the black cat and background was significant, so the app was able to easily identify the background- leaving just the cat as a png.

From there you just have fun! Try layering, duplicating the images, blending, adding filters, softening the edges, or touching up the cropped image. What I usually enjoy doing is adding a selection of cropped images and clicking the feature to add a new background and it creates a really contemporary result!

Here is one of my edits that I made on Superimpose+. I found it a cute way to feature my recent outings and food (plus oil paints for some reason) on my Instagram without just simply posting the original images.


If you are looking to make a quick reel or video for your TikTok or Instagram, CapCut is for you.

CapCut provides a feature for you to directly attach your TikTok account to the application to provide more templates and for easier access and posting

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