Why I Think My Friend Will Be a Creative Genius

I frankly don’t know where to start. There are so many nuances to her, yet she falls into a cohesive piece of attributes that align with a consistent yet growing image. When I think of her, I think of a tranquil day where you’re awakened by the light patter of the raindrops falling on your window, then in a slow yet peaceful pace you get ready for your day and once you open the door, the sun glistens over the damp land and all you feel is refreshed. Despite this, her vision is blurred; she holds flaws that reproduce at an exponential rate in her eyes when she doesn’t realize the “delusions” of her talent are in fact reality.

She read a lot as a child, and still does to this day. Often consuming media through films, edits, music, and images, her taste is shaped into a charming yet intriguing form. I find a large contrast we have is that I live in a loud creative world of excess whereas she understands the importance of balance and the impact of simplicity in art. That’s often why I feel that her artistic side goes unnoticed, because unlike the trending art form of grunge-moody appeals, she leans towards the lightness of life’s beauty. I’ve noticed this not only through the serene colours of faded greens and grey, but also through the way she sketches little drawings in her note pad with a bleeding ink pen, and the desserts she picks at the cafe’s we go to. Everything has a deep purpose behind her decisions that she doesn’t even realize. When we talk about the flavour profiles of a baked good she carefully yet pointedly selected, her mind had gone through all the emotions she would feel of every texture, taste, and temperature of the pastry. The balance of the sweet and saltiness, with a touch of bitterness, she always manages to select the ideal food as per our mood that day. I seem like I am exaggerating but, there is no one I would trust more than her to select anything out for me. She understands the distinctions within each person, and forms (usually) an unbiased opinion of their traits. Maybe it’s because she knows me so well, but I truly believe she has a talent for easily grasping others emotions, which is why I think that sometimes she falls so overwhelmed by realizations of how others perceive her.

You are probably thinking, what does her picking out a perfect pastry have to do with anything? To me, it means a lot more than that. Her mind works at such a fast pace when observing and consuming in the people and places around her. This can serve as a negative if she’s exposed to the worst, but she already has and yet still stands tall after reflecting on her own self and growing for the better. I think she is quite smart because of this; I (not to brag or anything) have had and still have a good amount of friends and yet I have never seen someone learn so much about the world and herself this quickly. I can see this being a huge tool in her future as the only direction she has ever been going and still is going in, is up. Not only is this helping her grow but it has also led her to be extremely wise for her age. Whenever I reach out to her for help, she has never given an answer or response that has left me clueless. Her thoughts and words are clear, strategic, and present an outlook on life that fulfills me and teaches me to be the best version of myself without the toxic positivity that is constantly preached online.

She’s quite meticulous too. When I watch her write anything, she takes her time with each word, selecting and changing and questioning and erasing and on and on and on. She doesn’t stop until perfection. Her drive to produce work that has pushed her mind to the absolute limit is beyond me. I thought I was driven, but not nearly as much as her. Some people might not notice this about her because her day to day attributes come off doubtful and slow, but so much goes in her head that no one sees, sometimes even she doesn’t see herself. When I critique my own work, the questions and suspicions she holds when producing her work never even ceases to cross my mind. I honestly think she would be a great editor. If she wrote a book, it would be my favourite book in the whole world, because I know it would be foolproof with the exact balance needed.

Now even though I describe her as perfect, know that she is not. She has so much more to learn; about herself, about personalities she has never interacted with, and simply more to discover of the world. But, given her life and circumstances, she displays the mind of a genius waiting to be born and beyond a shadow of doubt, should be seen by the majority of the world.

I have so much more I could say but I will leave it at that. Maybe I can write something about her successes that will come in the future.

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