February 22′

February 22′

A month bombarded with celebrity tabloids, elevating February’s style trends.

Julia Fox:

Fox has recently gained the attention of many users after her recent photoshoots with Kanye West and extremely publicised relationship. Despite the recurring hate she gains in being associated with Mr. West and being labelled as a ‘dumb white girl’ after the viral clip of her saying “uncut gems” in her valley girl accent surfaced the internet, Julia Fox has an edge to her that is showcased through her style.

Her use of shiny black leather, classic jeans, and her infamous black eyeshadow look has left many scrutinizing her, but beneath the surface there’s a lot that is said by her outfits. She is extremely confident and in tune with her presence as a sensual figure. She combines beauty with a dark raven-like image with her consistent use of black pieces in contrast with her feminine features and rusty gold jewellery. I almost see her as a modern day embodiment of an evil queen, being under the wing of a controversial male rapper while actually using his fame for her own publicity. Even when looking at photos with Kanye and Julia together, she is the star of the show, her physical being radiates while her style lures you into her mind.

When delving into Julia Fox’s work, other than being a main character in Uncut Gems, she is quite the artist. Julia has made numerous risque photoshoots featuring her nude body. Some may bash this, but what’s misunderstood is her vision to display her body in the name of art. Her brooding aesthetic is captured through her art and continued into her fashion, and I predict her as being a highly influential figure in the future.


The most beloved female artist has shaken the entire internet with her subtle yet glamourous pregnancy announcement. ASAP Rocky and Rihanna released a stunning photoshoot featuring them walking in the city wearing stylish urban coats while Rihanna’s jacket was purposefully unbuttoned at the bottom to emphasize her belly. Likewise, her crystalized golden chain with a large cross dangles over her neck leading all the way down to her belly to add the perfect touch of charm to her look. The saturated pink jacket was a perfect choice as it highlighted her pregnancy glow and rosy cheeks, while her washed-out jeans formed a classy finish.

Rihanna has always been influential and impacted the fashion world drastically, but her pregnancy looks this month have added another layer to her style archive in a feminist form by normalizing dressing provocatively and with excess during motherhood. Will this set out a new world for mothers? I definitely think so. As women we are told to be modest as a mother or even just a female for the sake of others, but Rihanna reminds us that this is our world and we should be allowed to feel beautiful despite our status and physical state.

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