January 22′

2022 began on a rough note for style, with a weird conglomerate of cut out dresses, psychedelic prints, and a mushy combination of grimes-esque space style with a 2000’s twist. It was all too loud and disorganized, pushing aspiring fashion lovers to layer the worst items to seem outlandish and risky in a pretentious “cool” way, when in reality it just looked plain stupid. Derived from the exponential impact of TikTok, individualism got lost in the reccuring trends by popular influencers, setting a flock of youth merely mimicking one another’s style’s. Now I am not bashing the art of inspiration- that is how you inherently grow creatively, but the issue lies within the pressure to be different. Creativity has turned into a task rather than a way of experiencing and organically ideating, forming an unsettling art form that feels tense.

Although my words have solely been negative, there are certain trends I’ve noticed that are classy, inventive, and feel natural in the flow of style.

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