March 22′

March 22′

The steamy dynamic of the sculptured and brooding on-screen couple of Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz have taken the media by a storm post-premiere of their new movie “The Batman” (2022).

The world was left fangirling after Wonderland Magazine released their new photoshoot revealing the new catwomen, Zoe Kravitz in a tight fitting latex pants and cropped top. Inspired by the outfit of catwomen, the fashion choice sparked many interests in fans to follow along in the black latex outfit, and we will definitely see this outfit amongst the streets during halloween. Alongside the photoshoot, Zoe Kravitz arrived to the movie premiere wearing a tight black dress with her breasts covered by a cat shape, nodding to her character in a perfectly classy way. The slit in the middle of the dress with thread woven through is a style that has popped up a bit in fashion but will be seen more throughout people’s closets after Zoe’s inspiring look.

Black has been a classy colour since forever, especially embodied in Dior’s shows, but after recent trends of saturated colours and wild patterns of 2021, hopefully Batman’s dark aesthetic will inspire many viewers to notice the power and structure that black provides to an outfit. Suitable for any body type or colour, and highlights your features with grace.

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