Why You Need More Denim.

Why You Need More Denim.

Recent fashion trends have branched out into cliques of aesthetics, your style easily determining your identity. Media platforms showcase numerous “types” of people: there’s the too cool for you NYC look paired with a cigarette, or the Hailey Bieber/Aritzia/clean girl style. The limits in categories are endless, and are all dependent on which online group you have fallen into. But if you’re looking to find the ultimate closet need no matter what aesthetic you love, read on to find out March 2023’s focal style trend to get more insight on the denim craze.


You can never go wrong with denim. A timeless look that can be interpreted in different ways: skinny jeans, mom jeans, flared jeans, denim skirt, denim jacket…. the list goes on. Despite the array of denim pieces to select from, its best to understand the significance of a denim style with the context of time. There are no strict rules to fashion, but there are fluctuations of denim trends going in and out of style. Do not worry, you can wear your “untrendy” skinny jeans if you learn how to piece it well with other garments to maintain a fashionable appeal.

For example, the skinny jean was most popular in the 2000’s, particularly low-rise skinny jeans that hugged your waist and accentuated those thighs! Big names like Destiny’s Child and Paris Hilton all rocked the skinny jeans into popularity, but the style has been unfortunately mocked as a micro-trend. Love it or hate it, skinny jeans can still make an appearance today if you pair it with a cute tucked in sweater and sneaker combo, or if you want to make a statement try a low-rise skinny jean look with heels and a bold top to emulate the 2000’s diva look.

Image featured on the left showcases Christina Aguilera’s fun & feminine take on the skinny jean look in the 2000s. Taking inspiration from this era can really help to provide a nostalgic twist on your skinny jean looks.

The more current jean look however is less complicated to style, and a must-need for your closet. A clean baggy jean or mom-jean look can add more texture and shape to an outfit to really incorporate depth to what can be a super easy outfit to put on!

There are two main combos when selecting a baggy jean outfit that you must establish before piecing together:

  1. Mini/tight top + Baggy Jean
  2. Oversized top + Baggy Jean

These combos seem unnecessary and simple, but can really change the mood of your look or can just be an option to look out for when dressing for a specific weather. For example, a baggy jean paired with a flirty tight mesh-top can communicate a cool, effortless look that hints at a seductive appeal but isn’t screaming for attention. It’s a great casual look for getting dinner with friends, going on a fun errand run, or the perfect sunny-spring look.

If you want to go even more casual, baggy jeans paired with an oversized sweater or crewneck can make you look stylish and sophisticated, with a touch of preppy. Even an oversized t-shirt can compliment a baggy jean and chunky sneaker look really well for a more street-style appeal, or layer for more texture by adding a t-shirt with a sweater on top with the tee slightly peeking out at the bottom. I don’t know why the slight sliver of fabric peeking out makes an outfit so much better… but it just does! So try it out if you haven’t already. If it’s a bit colder outside, be excited because your baggy jean look only gets better with an added layer of a structured oversized or tight-fitting leather jacket. It doesn’t have to be a leather jacket to look cute, you can also try a varsity jacket, oversized jean jacket, or a long trench coat paired with a boot. There really is no limit to combinations, try out different varieties and see which one suits you the best!

Denim comes in so many forms and really the list is endless with jackets, cropped denim tops and so on. But to conclude the denim category, we must discuss the most current trendy denim wear of them all.

The Maxi Denim Skirt.

Recent waves of trends have surfaced of individuals cutting up their jeans and sewing them into maxi denim skirts. The length hints at the hippie 70’s look that has been re-imagined as a chic, casual look. Similar to baggy jeans, the maxi denim skirt can either be paired with a baggy top or sweater- or a tight long sleeve or sleeveless top for a more skin-exposing look. It not only is such a timeless piece that evokes maturity and class, but also is a comfortable pairing that is breathable and flattering on all body types.

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