Peer Review 1: “tmylife”

Nicole Tam’s website “tmylife,” is perfect in many ways. Tam incorporates a lot of her personality in the layout of the website by utilizing digital art and a calm brown and pink colour scheme to “entertain, engage, and inspire readers.” By first glance one can notice how her professional self is articulated, not only by the presence of satisfying aesthetics but also by the content she provides. Nicole’s personal thoughts and updates on her life with stories about moments with herself or friends allowed for me to understand and connect with her despite not talking to her face to face. This clearly displays her knowledge on knowing how to display her media content in a way that feels genuine and comforting.  

 Tam’s content is consistent and inviting as the initial image you see is her artwork specifically made to compliment her story. Not only is the aesthetic and style of her artwork complimentary to her brand through the soft minimalist outlines, but her colour schemes of pastel work with the widgets and font of her page. This not only creates a pleasing feel when viewing, but it likewise displays Tam’s confidence in her brand.  

Her post, “A Single Day Trip Without a Plan?!” Incorporated a video and series of images of her trip that let us in on her life. The touch of personal language when she guides us through her trip by beginning the post with a simple “Hey there!” made me feel as though I was travelling with her. In addition: I love the pinterest board attached as a widget, it provides depth to the page by also showcasing her inspiration board.  

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