Peer Review 2: “Skincare with M”

Opening up Marilyn’s page: Skincare with M, was a delight. Immediately my eyes were directed to the sophisticated font of her main title and opening description of “the ultimate guide to feeling confident in your own skin”. Off the bat, Marilyn creates a welcoming feel with her personal introduction, “Hey, it’s Marilyn! I’m so glad you’re here.” When browsing around her main 4 categories of blogs, Marilyn maintains a consistent feed of content that is entertaining and personal. Her recent post, My current AM skincare routine featured links to the products she used in her video. Unfortunately the video wasn’t playing but the audio worked, (this could be my own device’s issue) but hopefully the video can get working soon because I am excited to see the visuals! Nevertheless, from the audio I can tell the efforts Marilyn put towards creating a relaxing video while maintaining accessibility for her viewers to locate products without needing to do extra work themselves. 

As for social media, Marilyn features 3 links on her about page that guide viewers to her Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube channel which goes back to one of our readings of the 5 C’s as she displays her understanding of circulation. The accessibility of the links to Marilyn’s extended platforms allows her content to effectively reach more audiences and create her own community of viewers that can easily stay connected with her content through various forms. 

Accessibility Feature on
Skincare with M

Everything about this site brings me ease, whether it’s the choice of natural light imagery, classy font, and the layout of her 4 categories- Marilyn knows how to shape the ideal platform for her content. Not only that, but the blue accessibility tool in the left corner features so many lighting and text adjustments to cater to any individual’s needs. 

It’s difficult for me to think of any suggestions considering how much I love the overall cohesion of this site… but maybe to challenge herself Marilyn could start to enhance her specific posts by implementing current trends in the beauty/skincare industry to gain more traction. The personal feel of her website is there, I feel like I’m in her room doing skincare with her during a girls night. But I wonder if she can implement some criticism on certain popular products and more opinionated pieces to get her viewers more attached to Marilyn’s critiques on products. I can tell already that her site is centered around a positive approach of providing the products she adores, but maybe having more hot takes could broaden viewers’ understanding of her dislikes and why we should watch out for such products. 

Overall, this website hits a lot of great marks for me and I can’t wait to see how it grows!

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