Peer Review 3: “Food with Anita”

Food with Anita is a food blog dedicated to providing Anita’s ratings and opinions on various restaurants featuring aesthetically pleasing photography that compliments her website design. Off the bat, with her sophisticated and contemporary use of fonts and simple grey-white and pastel colour combination, Anita was able to communicate her branding style of being informative and classy. I especially appreciated the menu tab “Search by City” which allowed a more accessible way for me to locate Anita’s promoted eats in a location that was close to me. 

When locating more information about Anita, I found that her home page, although being visually pleasing did not give me the details and background story that I wished to have from her site. I think if I was in her targeted demographic, I would want to know more about the user who is suggesting such restaurants to gain an awareness of whether they are someone I find credible or simply someone I would enjoy connecting to. Adding more personalized touches through her intentions for starting this page would gain more interest in audiences. 

In terms of the content, I am unsure of whether this is a personal issue of mine or a website error, but when selecting the pages to read of her various reviews I only found an image and no text. I am hoping this is an error for the web page, if not I think that the site needs more written content to support the imagery and mission of providing insights and ratings on restaurants.

Some new strategies to form a more compelling brand would begin with more writing and information on Anita’s background and personal opinions. I would like to see more added features of widgets to form a stronger personality behind the brand. Although it is a great start with the text and pleasing layout, the simple tones to the site can be bland if not paired well with characteristics of Anita. I would like to see a unique scale rating that other food blogs would not have. This feature of having Anita’s own way of rating whether it be with images or emojis or colour, could provide a personal touch that can invite users to not only connect with the pretty imagery of the blog but also with Anita’s taste in food. Often food bloggers aren’t unbiased to taste and have to communicate to audiences what their likes and dislikes are with food. Likewise, featuring popular restaurants and providing a critique or revealing whether the food is worth the price can grow Anita’s demographic to younger audiences who don’t have much money to promote affordability. 

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