When I was 7 years old I stole some of my grandma’s old silk fabric and sewed together a top for myself, measuring it against my body. It was a sleeveless top that had horizontal slits to expose my back, and once I revealed it to my family they were in shock, but I always assumed I was praised too much as a kid. I never quite cared to sew clothes, but that day opened me up to a world of creativity within fashion. Fashion is often referred to as “wearable art” and around my senior year, I took that phrase quite literally. Every day was a new creation displayed on my body to distract myself from my deteriorating mental health. I loved the attention- who doesn’t?

I believe I am an opinionated yet open-minded woman with lots to share about the fashion industry, both positive and negative. I want to showcase the power fashion holds to liberate and open crucial discussions about buried flaws in the industry. Alongside the ethics, I want my loud yet contrasting style to comfort you, as I am learning about myself and growing just as I am writing for this site.

Our Mission.

At KekuStyle we function as a fashion marketing company that specializes in branding and image to support small up-and-coming clothing companies to fine tune their character and organize events and advertisements. We don’t desire a strict contract relationship between us and our clients but rather a familiar atmosphere where an exchange of creativity and bold ideas are welcome. Not only will our services provide growth to your company, it will likewise create a cushion for you to rely on when the unexpected approaches.

Our Vision.

To be more than just a company, but to be a mentor and friend; growing your brand and inspiring a world of green fashion.

Our Values.

  • Honesty – comfort begins with truth
  • Teamwork – big ideas grow together
  • Curiosity – conquer your smallest dreams

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