Interview with Micro-Influencer: LavieDeTina

Interview with Micro-Influencer: LavieDeTina

From my 2022 podcast interviews featured on my Youtube page (go check it out!) I had the honour of speaking with Tina, or also known as LavieDeTina on Instagram. Tina is an Instagram influencer who focuses on timeless yet trendy styles that cater to the fashionable young adults of Metro Vancouver who aspire to have a fun yet healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a look at her recent 2023 Spring Feed:

Beginning as a hobby during the 2020 lockdown, Tina has grown to now have 24.5k followers on Instagram due to her consistent efforts in personal branding and marketing. Various brands have reached out to her, like Grey Goose to name one, but Tina doesn’t just accept any sponsorship that comes her way. She is selective to those companies she specifically admires to maintain the integrity of her personal brand.

Tina isn’t just a full-time influencer. She is likewise a student attending Capilano University and has a part-time job for a major Canadian-retail company, while also being a friend and daughter who is a pleasure to have around. Her attitude is positive yet real, and I wanted to know how she was able to grow her personal brand while balancing her social and personal life.

I have really prioritized self care and mental health

Often, when the time is right, Tina takes breaks from Instagram to put attention towards her mental health which can be easily impacted by the constant stress of balancing many expectations at once. With that comes a pause on certain friendships and even potential relationships: “sometimes I have to be realistic with myself- I don’t have time to build a relationship.” Tina constructs her life by maintaining awareness of her goals and what she believes will stop her from achieving them or push her closer to them.

What I really hoped to learn from Tina is how exactly she manages putting herself out there for her audiences with the societal and beauty standards on Instagram that often prioritize white women with a specific body type and features. I found it difficult to bring up publicly on the podcast as both Tina and I hope to be supportive of influencers no matter the tone of their skin, but the unspoken truth is that there is a benefit to different groups and that all Tina hopes to do is focus on herself and her mission while supporting her fellow creators on platforms.

For more on my conversation with the lovely Tina Behin, check out my podcast here.

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