MA #4 – Remixed Spotify Playlist

MA #4 – Remixed Spotify Playlist

Forming a playlist that evokes the emotions and styles of an Alexander Mcqueen fashion show.

Alexander Mcqueens shows in the 2000’s are famously tragic as he incorporates grim imagery and everything beyond traditional when it comes to his models catwalks. He selectively presents them as characters in a morbid reality where the world is burdened and bloody, where insecurities are portrayed through body language and facial expressions yet the clothing speaks for itself as feminism and power. The shows likewise tell a story, which is why for my remixed playlist I selectively placed it in order to communicate a tragedy.

Beginning with the slow electronic melodies of James Blake, the audience viewing is initially introduced to a saddened mood. The beat expresses a slight drive into a potential upbeat future. Then feminism is presented through one of the most eccentric and elusive artist I know: FKA Twigs. Her music, specifically in her older albums shows a raw pain induced side of her which follows into the story of a fragile woman. Then this narrative shifts in her next song meta angel which presents optimism and a mystical strength held by an ambitious woman who has survived through the pain. This tone is continued by Grimes: a hyperpunk artist and producer who is famous for her insanity and creativity done in solitude. The song 4am is fast-paced and builds the audiences emotions to show a growing strength and readiness to pursue and dominate. At last, comes Kanye, who is known for his controversial opinions and unforgiving narcissistic personality. He embodies a power that is similar to Alexander Mcqueen, where despite the immense force, his story and music communicates his mental illness and hidden fragility; ambition through negligence.

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