My Audience.

My Audience.

What audience have you been imagining thus far? How has that imagined audience informed your design and editorial decisions?

As much as I would like to attract a wide variety of audiences, sometimes my aesthetic and writing may only attract a minority. Despite this, within the minority there is still a large number that are attracted to fashion as a whole who will most likely appreciate my work. The audience I imagine reading my web page would most likely be students from ages 16-19 that hold a particular interest in grunge aesthetic and are open to delving into the high end fashion world. These audiences wouldn’t be necessarily knowledgeable within the entirety of the fashion industry but would rather be in the middle where they have built on their own style but are hoping to gain inspiration through various forms of media, one being my web page.

The preconceived idea of my audience has provided me a lens when analyzing my own work to make sure it’s satisfactory or even beyond that extent before publishing any piece. When choosing images and colours, I make sure to keep it cohesive while also maintaining my pages playfulness and impulsive tone. I want my audiences to feel unrestricted and free when observing my page so that they can further continue this into their own life. Within my layout I tend to leave it simple yet structured with a few rounded images so my content is straightforward and easy to follow to contrast against the range of colours and images. I find especially with my writing I try to keep a professional tone while implementing a few playful remarks to make sure the audience feels as though they are reading a piece written from a credible writer that they can simultaneously empathise with and connect to.

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