Why Alexander McQueen Has The Best Runway Shows.

Alexander Mcqueen is by far one of the most creative geniuses in the history of the fashion industry, and it is clearly evident through his famous fashion shows of the 90’s – the 2000’s. The theatrically imbedded within his shows can never be replaced or recreated as it solely came from the pure darkness of his mind. His show’s make you gasp, cry, and even squeamish and horrified, but that’s what lures audiences in and sets a narrative for his pieces.

Untitled 1998 McQueen Show

With model’s walking barefoot on a slippery runway, dripping from the rainfall over their heads, the model’s already lacey and tight clothing appear more delicate and latched onto their body. The model’s are likewise directed to walk with such a soulless body, creating a haunting and melancholic atmosphere. Normally, McQueen doesn’t work with white that often as he has a natural inclination to the deep reds and blacks, but the white works perfectly with the rain to emphasize the model’s shapely physique.

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