Worst 2022 Grammy Looks

Chloe Bailey in Valentino

I think the worst part about this has to be the absolutely unnecessary cape. The dress alone shapes Chloe’s body well but even without the cape, the rounded sparkles are far too distracting and mimic a disco ball. The fabric looks far too thick and the silver tone simply looks cheap.

Jekalyn Carr

This colour would have been so beautiful on her if it didn’t look like the dress was eating up her entire body. Her physique is stunning, but the gloves and shoulder pads make the dress look dense and grandiose in a way that’s not pleasing to the eye. Especially with the sequined shapes that line up all along the dress, it definitely speaks bold and strong but distasteful as it doesn’t work cohesively.

Tayla Parx

I mean… I feel like I don’t have much to write on this one. Knowing Tayla Parx fun personality I’m assuming she embodied Bowzer from Mario as a joke but I think its safe to say this is not a suitable Grammy look and as much as she wanted to be funny, it just isn’t. She’s simply wearing a costume and I don’t want to even give it my attention.

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